Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all experience. But when panic and anxiety symptoms escalate into anxiety attacks and panic attacks, it may be an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, and panic disorder. There is excellent treatment for anxiety attacks, as well as panic attack symptoms, including medication and psychotherapy.
Overview & Facts
Depression, anxiety, panic, trauma -- these are components of an anxiety disorder. This overview will help you get a better picture of this problem.

What Is Anxiety/Panic?
What Are Anxiety Disorders?
When worry and fear interfere with normal functioning, it’s an anxiety disorder. Several types of recognized anxiety disorders exist. Read more about them in this overview article.

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Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 18% of adults, according to leading specialists in anxiety treatment. This link will take you to a web site with more information.

Chronic Stress May Boost Anxiety
Learn about the effects of constant stress on hormones -- and how that leads to anxiety disorder.

Causes of Anxiety
Many factors can cause anxiety, including mental conditions as well as external factors like personal finances or marital problems.

Are You at Risk?
Under Pressure: What Is a Panic Attack?
Panic attacks may trigger terror -- but they’re common, and they are treatable.

Quiz: Anxiety Symptoms
This checklist will help you understand what’s going on.

Dealing With Anxiety?
We took your questions about anxiety to the experts. Here’s what they said.

Fear of Public Speaking Hardwired
Speech anxiety is worse for some, but most can overcome it. Get tips on easing pre-speech fears.

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Elderly Mental Health Problems Often Missed
Most doctors don’t recognize or treat anxiety disorders in older people. Here’s what you should know.

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Lots of kids are feeling too much pressure these days, even in elementary school. Learn how to keep the stress level reasonable.

Preventing Anxiety
These strategies will help you cope with life’s stresses.

Coping with Stress
We all find ways to cope with stress. Here are the most effective ones – and the worst.

Video: How to Relieve Stress
Learn to fit relaxation into your stressful life.

Managing Anxiety
Making changes in thought patterns and lifestyle can help ease anxiety. This will help